September 2020 News


Trophy Presentation Evening

Everyone enjoyed a great night of delicious food, drinks and great music for this years event.

Winners:  MENS:  1st   Richard Forster   675 pts

                           2nd  Steve Holt         456 pts

                           3rd   Ged Woodcock  453 pts

LADIES:               1st:  Denise Little         89 pts

                           2nd: Nada Threadgate  67 pts 

BEACH:               1st:  Nicole Bouquet      7 pts

JUNIOR:              1st:  Alex Johnston      13 pts

MOST SPECIES:    Ged Woodcock  20

CLUB PERSON 2019/2020:    Norm Macleod

PERPETUAL TROPHIES:         Dhufish                          Richard Forster  19.300kg  8/9/2019

                                          Pink Snapper                  Ged Woodcock    5.712kg  8/9/2019

                                          King George Whiting       Cameron Johnston  .976kg  8/9/2019

                                          Skipjack                        Revice Lehmann     .836kg  11/8/2019

CLUB RECORDS:                   Dhufish                         Richard Forster  19.300kg    8/9/2019

                                          Snook                           Richard Forster    2.680kg    8/9/2019

                                          Flathead (Long Headed) Ged Woodcock       .582kg    6/10/2019

                                          Shark (Whiskery)           Norm Macleod      3.830kg   6/10/2019

                                          Sweep (Moonlighter)       Stuart Barnes      1.320kg   6/10.2019

                                          Tailor                              Brandon Straw    1.906kg  8.12.2019